Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Corner Of My Workroom

Having treated myself to a couple of hours window shopping and retail therapy, i arrived back to my snug little cottage feeling it was all a little grim. Nothing seems real, all very plastic and fake, or faux as we stylist say! Not impressed, at all with the high street as it stands, if that is the best it has to offer it deserves to fail and crumble. I love my workroom, however humble it is honest and full of genuine, wonderous charm...


  1. We agree, the High Street is not what it used to be. We still love Libertys, and other than basics at M & S we shop vintage or make our own. Lots to be found at markets and antique arcades. Love your Buddha. x

  2. Thank you, i agree M&S knickers and bras and the food hall of course, Libertys is the mecca! but as for the rest well! x